Easy Knits

Easy Knits

EasyKnits is a independent dyer (Jon Dunn-Ballam) based in South East London who produces a range of yarns and fibres in spectacular colours. Jon's yarns and pattern designs have appeared in a number of magazines including The Knitter and Simply Knitting.

Jon has created a number of unique ranges such as:

  • Sushi Sock Rolls - machine knitted swatches with gorgeous colour transitions. There is a loose end to the swatch which can be unravelled and hand knitted . The beauty of this technique is that you have a good indication of how the colours will look on your knitted item.
  • Big Boy - a blend of Exmoor Blueface, Alpaca and Nylon in 100g and 150g weights.
  • Deeply Wicked  - superwash merino wool in 4-ply or double knit. This yarn has been dyed in a unique way so that no two skeins are the same. The colours in these yarns are stunningly intense.

The Yarn Cafe are delighted to bring you a range of EasyKnits yarns.

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