Erika  Knight

Erika Knight

Erika Knight is a well-known craft designer responsible for a wide range of books such as "Simple Knits for Easy Living", "Men's Knits" and a number of books focussing on glamour, children's knits and different crochet and knitting stitches.

She has created her own range of yarns, using British wool with all parts of the process (shearing, scouring, spinning, dyeing and delivery taking place in Britain).

British sheep are shorn and their fleeces selected all within 38 miles of the West Yorkshire mill where it is carefully spun and dyed, hanked and hand tied by local experts. The range of yarn is associated with the Campaign for Wool a countrywide initiative convened by HRH Prince of Wales, promoting the natural, sustainable origin of wool.

Each hank of yarn has a unique recycled and informative hangtag with a little gift ‘erika knight’ name tag for sewing in or on finished project.